opus 13 n.24 track listing

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(Date: 2012-03-31)

Drafts op.13 - n.24

podcast n.03: "A plain contemporary piano excerpt - The Truthful Solution"
Titolo Originale: Prefatio a "Tu Allevi Polli io Mungo Mucche op.13"
Deals with drafts & improvisations above all.
thanks to all & good listening...
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Espressioni e Ideazioni eseguite su pianoforte YAMAHA CP5


  1. Promenade Impromptu, Allegretto 05:28
  2. Mordacity Impromptu, Hypermodal Series, con fuoco 04:10
  3. Milking Impromptu, Elegiaco 02:41
  4. Promenade Atonal Improptu Series, Allegro Con Moto 02:59
  5. Clessidra Time #33, allegretto (free) 01:15
  6. Quiet Sonata Impromptu, andante giocoso 08:55
  7. Anonymous Smile, improvisation series (part I) 03:51
  8. Intermezzo, scherzando (free) 00:58
  9. Clessidra Time #11, andantino (free) 01:17
10. Ogre's Brief Rant, larghetto deciso 01:27
11. Just Another Aqua Impromptu, largo 06:06
12. Nocturne Impromptu Series, n.3 giocoso indugiando 02:56
13. Nocturne Impromptu Series, n.4 dolce deciso 02:37
14. Nocturne, n.7 impromptu series 01:28


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